18 Temmuz 2015 Cumartesi

Russian Mafia Dons Ready for Turkey Summit

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 July 2015)

Rus babaların Türkiye zirvesi
Learning how to say 'offer you can't refuse' in Turkish.

Nearly 100 of Russia's leading mafia dons are preparing to
hold a summit meeting in Turkey. According to information
provided to the Rosbalt news agency by a source in the Russian
security forces, the choice of Turkey for the summit came
after Russian police told the mafia dons that "if you gather in
any region of Russia we will intervene."

The idea for the Turkey summit came from mafia boss Gela
Kardava and was approved by the leader of the Russian mafia
bosses, Zahariy Kalaşov (a.k.a. Genç (Young) Şanro). The
date for the summit is as yet unknown but it is thought it will
take place on the Mediterranean coast toward the end of the

Image result for turkey mediterranean coast map
          Better stock up on vodka.

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