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'And Leave the Driving to Us'...uh, Directions?

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 24 July 2015)

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Figen hanım claims she was attacked by bus hostess...

An interesting thing happened after an intercity bus left
Istanbul the night before last, en route to Samsun on the Black
Sea coast. The bus left the terminal on the European side of
Istanbul at midnight and headed for the Samandıra teminal on
the Asian side to pick up more passengers.

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...but the hostess seems to have gotten the worst of it.

However, the bus driver got confused and took the road to
Şile, instead of to Samandıra.  Realizing he was on the wrong
road, the driver turned around but still couldn't find his way.
After two hours on the road and having still not found the
Samandıra terminal, the passengers revolted, resulting in a
fight between a woman passenger named Figen Sevinç
and the hostess on the bus.

After the fight was over, the bus stopped at Küçükyalı in
Maltepe, along the D-100 highway. Police arrived at the
scene and called for medical help for Figen hanım, who
was injured in the fight.  A new driver was brought to the
bus and the passengers ultimately reached Samandıra and
then continued on to Samsun.

A-B is the right way but driver headed toward Riva and Şile
up to the north.

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