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'Psychedelic Neonfest' Draws 'Digital Hippies' to Bursa

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 July 2015)

saykodelik neonfest maybe you can catch the next one.

Jandarma Bursa dijital hippiler
After Haight-Ashbury, we wondered where they went...

The 'Saykodelik Neonfest' (Psychedelic Neonfest) music and
arts festival is continuing at the Alaçam picnic grounds at
Uludağ in Bursa, organized by a group calling themselves the
'digital age hippies'.  The day before yesterday a team from the
Bursa Provincial Gendarmerie Command made a holiday visit
to the 'digital hippies'.

The Gendarmerie troops mixed with the youths and offered
them candy and cologne.  In response to complaints about
the festival, which began on 13 July, by nearby residents, the
Gendarmerie took some security measures. The youths wore
some interesting outfits and created a very colorful scene at
the festival, which concludes today.

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