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Oh They All Look Alike Anyway...

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 July 2016)

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"Hey, which one of you is Chinese?!" (none of the above).

The Istanbul wing of the Ülkü Ocakları (ultra right-wing
nationalists) held a march to support the Moslems of
East Turkistan (China's northwestern Xinjiang province). The
group began the march at Beyazit Square in Istanbul and
concluded it at Sultanahmet Square.

As the group was making a press statement, a splinter group
headed toward the Topkapı Palace, where they attacked a
group of Korean tourists they mistook for Chinese. Police
in front of the palace intervened and spirited the Korean
group away from the scene.

Image result for ülkü ocakları
Getting pumped up before...what was it we were gonna do?

Police and the Ülkücü members then clashed, with the police
using pepper spray to disperse the group. One of the Korean
tourists subjected to the Ülkücü attack, smiled as she said
"I'm not Chinese, I'm Korean!".

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