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Vacation Edition: Let Them Eat Kebap

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 31 July 2015)

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Princely entourage - just like regular folks. Right?

Saudi Prince El Velid bin Talal, who came to Marmaris on
an 86-meter luxury yatcht, can't seem to leave the town. The
prince has been anchored in the Marmaris Yacht Marina for
four days but he left his yacht the other night with an entourage
of 35 people and came to a café in the city center.

The prince and his group had the café - the Aquarium Kitchen
Café - closed off  at about 2300 and they enjoyed themselves
there for about two hours. The prince and his guests ate dried
fruits and nuts, along with imbibing non-alcoholic drinks, amid
furnishings provided just for the prince, to include a special
chair for his royal highness.

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Don't even think about sitting in THAT chair.

It was noted that the prince asked a waiter for the café's wifi
password and searched for news about himself. Prince El Velid
bin Talal also watched a fashion show on the Fashion TV
channel on a 102-inch screen set up up especially for him. It
was learned that he is having some nearby land in Marmaris
looked at for investments.

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