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Loyal Wife Springs Convict Hubby

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 July 2015)

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           Who couldn't love this guy?

Eyyüp Hizarcı (42), who was jailed at Güdül Prison for drug
sales, mugging, looting and other crimes, made an escape
plan with his wife who came to visit him on Saturday. Then,
on Monday Hizarcı swallowed a piece of metal, which resulted
in him being taken for treatment to Ankara Numune Training
and Research Hospital, accompanied by four soldiers under
the command of Sergeant B.B.

As the prisoner and his guards were entering the hospital,
Hizarcı's wife approached and hugged him, despite the soldiers'
efforts to keep them apart.  As the wife departed, Hizarcı
shot Sergeant B.B. with a gun he obtained from his wife.
Also hit by gunfire was a private, Ö.Y.  As he fled, Hizarcı
continued firing and wounded B.K., Ş.A. and İ.K.

Hizarcı escaped in a waiting car, which headed off in the
direction of the ancient Ankara fortress in the Altındağ section.
Police soon learned that Hizarcı was holed-up in a relative's
house in Karapürçek. Hizarcı was captured along with his wife
Deniz Hizarcı and getaway driver Ferhat T.

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Eyyüp bey feeling like this guy right about now...

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