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Syrian Strife Moves Frog Hunting to Turkey

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 July 2015)

Suriye kurbağa Fırat Dicle kaçak avlanma
Plaintive cries of "ribbet! ribbet!" led to frogs' rescue.

When a number of frog factories closed in Syria because
of the civil war there, hundreds of frog hunters descended
upon lakes and ponds near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
in southeastern Turkey for illegal frog poaching.

In operations conducted by the Diyarbakır Gendarmerie
Command in wetlands over the past six months, 457
kilograms of live frogs have been seized. The frogs were
returned to their habitat, whereas 15 frog hunters who were
caught red-handed were fined a total of 563,475 TL (about
250,000 USD), in accordance with the Environment Law.

It turned out that the illegal hunters were selling the frogs
to a factory in Adana for 8 TL per kilo. The factory then
packaged the frogs and sold each one for 20 euros to
countries like France, Germany and England.

It is estimated that between 15 and 20 tons of cooked
frogs legs are sold in touristic hotels in Antalya each
year.  The Diyarbakır chief of the Nature Protection
and National Park Service, Erdal Seven, stated that
"we're not letting the illegal frog hunters see the light of
day, in an effort to prevent the destruction of nature."

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Where the frogs are...

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