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Blondes Have More Fun at Tests

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 July 2015)

Bu kez saçını boyatıp gitti
               "And I go back to blonde."

A year ago Pelin Derya Çetinkaya tried to enter the second
session of the  KPSS examination but because of the test
monitor's suspicion that the black-haired Çetinkaya had entered
the test on behalf of the blonde Çetinkaya in the ID photo, she
was taken into custody and barred from sitting for the second
session of the test.

Çetinkaya (25) graduated from Akdeniz University in Antalya
in 2012 and last year on 5 July she went to take the KPSS exam
at the Danişmant Gazi school in Seyhan, Adana. After completing
the first portion of the test a suspicious monitor had her taken
into custody for impersonating the person whose picture was on the
ID card Çetinkaya produced.

Çetinkaya filed a 350,000 TL (about 150,000 USD) suit against
the ÖYSM (testing authority) and the Turkish Treasury Ministry
but then she ran up against yet another hurdle that proved to be
insurmountable: Çetinkaya would not be allowed to change the
picture on her ID card from blonde-hair Pelin to black-hair Pelin
until 2017.

In consultation with her lawyer, Çetinkaya decided to dye her
hair blonde again to match the ID photo and yesterday sat once
again for the KPSS exam she was barred from completing a year

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                          Adana province

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