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Same Plates, Separate Cars. Hmmmm...

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 July 2015)

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               Ah, where's the tradecraft?!

In a photograph taken with a cellphone in Seyrantepe, Istanbul,
the same license plate is seen on an Audi car and a Volkswagen
'Transporter 2' minibus parked meters away from each other.
Interestingly, the vehicles were parked on the same street as the
Istanbul provincial headquarters of the CHP (Republican Peoples
Party) and MHP (Nationalist Movement Party).

The license plate in question is registered to a 2012 model
Mercedes (!) in Ankara. Both vehicles had a 'çakar' (red siren
light) on their fronts and were parked 50 meters from the CHP
building and 100 meters from the MHP building. This brought
to mind the claims of illegal monitoring that occured during the
Ergenekon and Çukurambar investigations.

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The listening devices are mounted inside the Transporter 2 and
the vehicle is parked at a spot close to its target. The citizen who
took the photograph did not want his name mentioned but he
said that "when I saw that both the vehicles had the same license
plate I took the picture. When the Audi left it pulled alongside
the Transporter 2 and talked with those inside for a bit. Both
vehicles had a 'çakar'."


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