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Asylum Edition: Jet-Skis and Purloined Passports

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 July 2015)

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Asylum-seeking for the rich and infamous.

Human traffickers who arrange for illegal migration along
the Aegean coast are now taking migrants who want to
reach the Greek islands on jet-skis.  With the name "guaranteed
jet escape", the organizers get 10,000 UDS from migrants with
enough money for the special transit. However, three days ago
two Syrian who tried to get to the island of Kos, near Bodrum,
on a jet-ski were caught along with an organizer.

Those who can't afford the jet-ski trip, pay 1,000 USD to
board a Zodiak rubber boat or other vessel to make the trip.
Bodrum, Kuşadası and Ayvalık are the preferred departure
points for asylum-seekers heading to the Greek islands.  

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      Turkish-Greek Aegean Sea border.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 July 2015)

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                    Take your pick!

Human trafficking knows no limits. The traffickers have begun
to bring false passports into Turkey by cargo from abroad.
Based on a tip, anti-smuggling police teams conducted an
operation a few days ago at a cargo distribution center in Ikitelli,
Istanbul. Turkish citizen S.S. (58), K.A. (31) and Moroccan
M.O. (45) came to pick up the cargo containing the passports
and the three were taken into custody.

After the suspects gave statements they were released (!). In
the cargo package there were 30 passports, mostly French, but
also ones from Denmark, Germany, Holland, Lithuania, Finland,
Romania, Norway, Sweden and Austria. Nineteen of the passports
had been stolen and the others may have been sold by their
owners to the gang.

The traffickers sell the passports to migrants trying to get to
Europe by air for between 10 and 15,000 Euros. The picture
on the passport is not altered and the traffickers make the
necessary esthetic alterations on their customer to conform
with the passport picture. Generally, this method is used at
airports where there is a heavy tourist flow.

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Where the passports are...cargo hubs in Ikitelli, Istanbul.

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