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Turning Lights Out to Keep Tea Looking Dark

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 July 2015)

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"Incredible! Look what sly coffeehouse owners are doing."

Lately in Erzurum some side streets have gone dark quite
often. Based on increasing complaints, the eclectric company
did some research and found that although there was no
apparent problem, the street lights were not shining.

Digging a bit deeper, the electric company discovered that
coffeehouse owners have been tripping the circuit breakers
of the street lamps in order to ensure that their tea looked
dark enough for customers (!).

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His beleagueredness, Yusuf Yaşar.

Deputy Director Yusuf Yaşar of ARAS EDAŞ, the electric
distributor for seven provinced in eastern Turkey that is
based in Erzurum, stated that "we got complaints that street
lights in some areas were not shining.  Recently, a report
came in that some side streets in the Muratpaşa neighborhood
were not working. We looked into it but couldn't find a
problem but we noticed that the unlit street lights were
generally on streets where there is a coffeehouse."

Yaşar noted that his teams determined that the circuit
breakers on some lamps had been deliberately switched.
He added that "the coffehouse owners confessed that they
flipped the circuit breakers because their tea looked too
weak in the bright light. Even tea in dim light looks weak
and their customers complained that 'you're giving us weak
tea.'  So, in order not to lose their customers the coffeehouse
owners resorted to sabotaging the street lamps."

Continuing, (the beleaguered) Yaşar said that "we come up
against such interesting aggravations. We've stationed
teams in the area henceforth.  What a shame that we have
to deal with incidents like this." Yaşar said that for now the
coffeehouse owners have not been fined but if this happens
again he will request that they be penalized.

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   ARAS EDAŞ area of service in green.

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