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Border Edition: Cow Flees, Baby Floats Away

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 July 2015)

Firari inek için resmi protokol
Refused asylum in Armenia, she balks at return to Turkey.

A cow that was beaten by its shepherd in Halimcan village
of Kars province jumped into the Arpaçay River that forms
the border between Turkey and Armenia on 29 June. The
cow was dragged by the current to the Armenian side of the
river, where it was rescued by Armenian soldiers.

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Halimcan village is in Kars's Digor district.

Engin Karadağ of Halimcan village applied to the Digor
district chief to get the cow back. On 2 July, district chief
İsa Bolat met with Armenian border officials and after a
protocol was signed, Amenian soldiers brought the cow to
the Arpaçay River bank.

When the animal balked at returning to Turkey, a rope was
thrown across the river and the cow's owner and relatives
entered the water and pulled the cow to the Turkish side.

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       Kars province, on the border with Armenia.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 July 2015)

İnanılmaz olay... Bir kilometre sürüklendi
Drifting towards an EU life in Greece, Melda was turned back.

The Ilgin family was vacationing on the beach at Küçükkuyu
in Çanakkale's Ayvacık district and they put their 10-month
old baby Melda into the water in a floating rubber raft.
Somehow, the parents did not notice that the wind dragged
their child out to sea.

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          Küçükkuyu at top center.

Fortunately, Turkish Coast Guard boat 'TCSG-8' was able
to retrieve the baby about one kilometer off shore, as she was
drifting toward the Greek island of Midilli (Lesvos). Tiny
Melda was rescued to the accompaniment of applause from
the shore.
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            Çanakkale province.

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