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A (Fake Nonccommissioned) Officer, But No Gentleman

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 August 2015)

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A.E., I knew Richard Gere. You're no Richard Gere.

A.E., who lives in Gaziantep, became friends with a young
girl named İ.İ. (23) on Facebook and, claiming to be an army
noncommissioned officer (NCO), he went to Adana to meet
İ.İ. even going so far as to wear an NCO's uniform, complete
with gun and holster.

When İ.İ. accepted his marriage proposal, A.E. returned to
Gaziantep but came back once again to Adana in the same
NCO uniform, with a gun in his belt to formally propose
to İ.İ. in a romantic setting at a shopping center. A.E. knelt
before İ.İ. in front of a crowd of shoppers and put the ring
on her finger to great applause.

The happy moment was immediately shared on Facebook
but A.E. lamented that he needed money for marriage and
so he 'borrowed' 4,000 TL (about 1,500 USD) from İ.İ.
When İ.İ. could not subsequently reach A.E. she realized
she had been duped and filed a complaint with the police.

The police were able to track down A.E. and discovered
that he had previously hoodwinked four other girls with
the same scam (!).

From: Gaziantep To: Adana, Reşatbey Mahallesi, Seyhan/Adana

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