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Lost in Maritime Translation

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 August 2015)

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Happy when everyone around spoke Turkish. Now, though...

An Australian businessman hired eight Turkish seamen
to take the yacht he purchased in Bodrum to his homeland.
On board at the departure at Bodrum were two retired SAT
(like U.S. Seals) commandos but when an agreement could not
be reached on their pay they were discharged from the yacht
on Cyprus.

As the yacht proceeded en route to Australia through the Suez
Canal, the vessel was searched by Egyptian officials and 248
bullets were found.  The remaining crew of eight explained that
the bullets were for the shotguns the two SAT commandos
would have used for security. Nevertheless, the eight crew
members were arrested and put into an 8 square meter cell.

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Yacht's journey originated in Bodrum, then offloaded 2 SAT
commandos in Cyprus, only to get snagged in the Suez Canal.

Hasan Terzi, the father of one of the crew members, who was
working in Mecca, had a heart attack when he heard the news of
the crew's arrest. Terzi, originally from Trabzon, wrote a letter
to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan requesting his
intercession for the release of his son and his crewmates.

Terzi noted that he has received news about his son, Giray Terzi,
who has been held for more than 10 months, from the Turkish
embassy in Cairo and he added that "the bullets they found on the
boat belonged to the two SAT commandos who were supposed
to protect the ship from pirates around Somalia. Somebody has
to say 'stop' to this. They've been awaiting trial for six months."

Hasan Terzi also noted that there has been a translation crisis
associated with his son's imprisonment. He noted that "there
has been a translator problem at three court sessions. The
translator who was appointed for the last session didn't even
know Turkish. When he said he knew Arabic and English the
session was postponed until 1 October."

Harkening back to Australia's WWI Turkish adventure.


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