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Asylum Edition: Society-types, Long Distance Swimmer

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 August 2015)

Bunlar da şık şıkıdım mülteciler
Society-type refugees. Probably eat cookies with a knife and fork.

In Bodrum, police got a tip that a group of asylum-seekers had
gathered at a bay to try to get to the Greek islands. What police
found were about 150 Syrians bathing in the sea, laughing with
each other, listening to music,  taking 'selfies' and wearing chic
clothing and sunglasses.

The police learned that these well-off  Syrians were staying in
hotels and rooming houses. There were asked, in English, to
please leave the bay area. Some,though, ignored the police plea
and continued taking 'selfies' and bathing in the sea. Finally,
when the police announced "Yallah otel" (get to your hotel!),
the Syrians left the bay.

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        The Bodrum peninsula

türkçe links to original Turkish article.

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 August 2015

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   Waterlogged but drying out nicely, thank you. 

Hesham Moadamani (24) fled the civil war in Syria, passing through
Lebanon, Egypt, back to Syria, then to Jordan, and on to Turkey. When
he couldn't afford the 1,000 USD that smugglers in Turkey demanded
for the crossing to Greece, he put his laser-light pen, passport, and
cellphone in a waterproof plastic bag and jumped in the water.

He swam for six hours and came to a point of despair when he saw
a Greek island 3 kilometers away. Pressing on, Moadamani reached
the island but its steep rocky cliffs prevented him from landing. He
then signaled to a boat with his laser-light pen. The boat turned out
to be a Greek Coast Guard vessel.

Moadamani, who told his story to the The Times newspaper of London,
explained that on 1 July of this year he reached Germany, his target
country. He noted that "after we crossed the German border the police
stopped us and asked 'are you Syrians?'. When we said yes, they just
laughed and responded with 'welcome to Germany'."

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