3 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

Oxymoron Edition: Jet Taxi, Bikini-less Beach

türkçe links to original Turkish article.

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 August 2015)

Image result for kabin ekibi 90 yaşındaki yolcu için taksici oldu
"Where are the taxis when you need them!?"

An interesting incident occurred on the Turkish Airlines
flight from New Delhi, India, to Istanbul on 21 June. A 90
year-old Indian business-class passenger who was to transit
in Istanbul for a flight to Manchester, England, exclaimed
two hours after take-off "get me out of this forest! Call me
a taxi!"

It was clear that the passenger was not in full command of
his faculties so the passenger seated next to him was moved
to another seat.  Then a member of the crew sat in the seat
in front of the Indian passenger and behaved like a taxi driver.
The passenger calmed down and an Indian doctor sat down
next to the old man, speaking to him in Hindi.

At Istanbul, arrangements were made to transer the passenger
to his Manchester flight.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 3 August 2015)

At the 200-household village of Garipçe on the Bosphorus,
where the third Bosphorus bride will pass causing the destruction
of millions of trees, a banner has been hung at the seaside that
reads as follows:

 [Haber görseli]
(It is forbidden to enter the water with a bathing suit or a 
bikini. ((signed)) Garipçe Sports Culture and Beautification

Those who have seen the banner are asking themselves in
confusion "if you don't don a bathing suit or a bikini, and
since it would be shameful to go bathing in your underwear,
there's no alternative but to go in naked."

Consequently, on social media people are spreading the news
that "Turkey's first nudist camp has opened at Garipçe."

Image result for haşema bathing suit
This is what the Association will allow for bathing beauties.

Image result for garipçe haritası
Garipçe is hard by the now-under-construction 3rd bridge.

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