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Ladies Takin' It to the Streets (Signs)

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 August 2015)

Tabelalara kadın ismi
Turks aren't good at giving directions anyway. What now?!

Women in Ankara have taken inspiration from the women
of Paris who have protested the male street names there and
changed them to women's names. Around midnight women
emerged to change steet and avenue signs around Ankara and
replace them mostly with the names of murdered women.

The Ankara Municipality promised to file a criminal complaint
against the women. The city's spokesman Avni Kavlak said
that "this is just another way of polluting the city. This is
vandalism. If there's an accident on a street whose sign has
been changed how will an ambulance find it?"

The women activists changed the name of the street where
the ruling AK Party's headquarters is located from Dr. Mediha
Eldem Street to Özgecan Aslan Street, to commemorate a young
girl murdered some months ago by minibus driver.

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