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'Sponge Bob' Restoration

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(Hürriyet Newspaperi 27 August 2015)
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     I'm leaning more toward Bart Simpson...

After the restoration of a 2,000 year-old fortress (sic, probably
more like 800 year-old) left over from the Genovese traders,
the appearance had caused quite a reaction. The fortress is the
symbol of today's Şile, on the Black Sea coast, but some people
are likening its new look to Super Mario and Sponge Bob.

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         ...the resemblance is uncanny.

The 12-meter high fortress is said to have been built by the
Byzantine Emperor Andronicas (sic, maybe he had a Genovese
grandmother) and was restored once by the Byzantines and then
by the Ottomans. The current restoration was undertaken by the
Bekiroğlu construction firm, under the watchful eye (!) of the
Istanbul Number 6 Cultural Treasures Preservation Council.

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