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Legendary Bilker Lives On Through Others

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 2 August 2015)

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"Hey, if they wanna buy a bridge, I'll sell 'em one."

Osman Ziya Sülün was born in Istanbul in 1923. His first
'accomplishment' was to hoodwink the owner of a house he
rented in Fatih, Istanbul, in 1948. In the 1950s and 1960s he
'sold' or 'rented' trams, clocks in the square, ferries and the
like to unwitting citizens and became an urban legend known
as 'Sülün Osman'.

He was caught while 'selling' the Galata Bridge in Istanbul.
It is thought that he died of a heart attack in a hotel room in
Beyoğlu, Istanbul, in 1984. Because he carried no identity
card he was buried in a pauper's grave.

Which brings us to today. In Bursa, the Gemlik police were
contacted by a pilot named B.K. who explained how he had
been bilked: "I saw a boat I liked on the internet and I sent
75,000 TL to the account of the person I contacted. It turned
out, though, that the boat belonged to someone else."  The
method of fraud was reminiscent of 'Sülün Osman''s technique.

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Bridge sale didn't go as planned...

Meanwhile, in Antalya, a person claiming to be the nephew of
AK Party General Director and Kırıkkale Parliamentarian Beşir
Atalay collected between 5 and 22 thousand TL from people
wanting to become state employees. The incident came to light
when one of the victims realized that B.T. (35), who promised
the jobs, had vanished.

Victim A.E. related that "B.T. drove a luxury car and said 'I'm
the nephew of Beşir Atalay.' In fact he used me as a reference
when he bought a plasma TV. He had many victims, getting
12 thousand from one woman and 24 thousand from another.
But people were too embarrassed to file a complaint."

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