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Drug Lord's Torture Chamber Amid Historic Walls

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 August 20159

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Torture victims Ali and Hulud H. and their inhospitable host,
along with a fake city sign - the opposite of a welcome mat.

Istanbul narcotics police determined that drug dealer Suat Ş.,
who plies his trade in Fatih, Istanbul, built a house within
the historic Silivri Kapıkale Walls.  A sign in the name of the
Fatih Municipality placed as a distraction in front of the house,
which even has parquet floors, reads "We apologize for any
disturbance the Public Works Department may have created".

The police raided the house and took Suat Ş. into custody,
along with 10 other suspects, two of whom were women.
During the police operation they discovered Syrian Ali H.
tied to the wall with a dog leash. Ali H. had refused to sell
drugs for the gang and his wife Hulud H. was found in the
house, as well.

It was revealed that Hulud H. had been raped repeatedly for
days by the gang members in front of her husband's eyes.The
couple had been left without food or water for days and Ali H.'s
foot had been burned with a flame from a picnic gas tube.
Ali H. was taken to a hospital for treatment of gangrene.

Found in the house were two pump-action rifles, three revolvers,
59 grams of hashish in 20 packets, 89 grams of metamphetimine
in 25 packets, 549 grams of hashish and 1,155 TL (about 500
USD). The house had secret entrances and parquet floors,
hidden cameras and internet access. Historic, broken up coffins
were seen in the garden within the walls. The house was sealed
after the operation.

For those of you with good eyesight, Silivri Kapıkale
Avenue can been seen at left-center of the Fatih district map.


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