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Turkish 'Batman' Fights Crime in London

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 August 2015)

Adnan Yarasa Adam mı
Adnan denies it, but the resemblance is uncanny...

A masked crusader labled the 'Bromley Batman' who protects
the public from street crime in Bromley, southeast  of London,
is said to be a native Turk personal trainer named Adnan
Tatlıcıoğlu (26). According to The Sun newspaper, last week
in Cornwall two thugs who tried to  mug a businessman were
beaten up by 'Batman'. It has been determined that Tatlıcıoğlu
was on vacation in the same city at the time (Hmmmmmmm).

The newspaper used a picture of Tatlıcıoğlu wearing a 'Batman'
t-shirt in its story and on his Facebook page Tatlıcıoğlu has a
picture of Superman and a message saying "I fight crime
everywhere." The newspaper reported that Tatlıcıoğlu denied
being the 'Bromley Batman' but 95% of his friends are sure
that it is him.

Last June in Bromley a businessman threatened with knives
by a group of youths was rescued by a masked man. In February
a woman reported that a masked hero had saved her from a
pickpocket. And in March a woman in Greenwich stated that
she was saved from a rapist by a 'super hero'.

Image result for bromley map
We found Bromley, but where's the Batcave??

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