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Who Wouldn't Want Cyanide in Their Backyard?

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 August 2015)

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      Come on, what's the fuss? It's only cyanide.

Last October a private firm cut down trees in a 20-acre
forest at Engiz, near Yukarı Bahçeler hamlet in Fatsa
district of Ordu province, and began work to separate
out gold using cyanide.  As the firm's work continued,
citizens and environmentalists opposed to the gold-cyanide
method set up resistance tent in the area.

Local villagers have manned the tent for the past 280 days
and yesterday environmentalists from elsewhere joined them
in a protest in front of the mining operation. They were joined
by CHP parliamentarians Seyit Torun and Mustafa Adıgüzel.

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     A heaven worth its weight in gold...

Some of the protestors breached the perimeter set up by
Gendarmerie troops and a confrontation resulted. The troops
responded forcefully, hitting the protestors with billy clubs
and spraying them with high-pressure water hoses.

Yukarı Bahçeler hamlet is about 12 kilometers from Fatsa.

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