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Debt Collectors Grab Wedding Gold

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 August 2015)

Gelinle damada haciz şoku
Happy couple flanked by debt-collectors (no! just kidding).

Businessman Yıldırım Gökhan Niya (37), who made a name for
himself by dating Nur Fettahoğlu, who played the role of
'Mahidevran' in the TV soap opera "Muhteşem Yüzyıl", got
married to Mehtap Sevgili, a board member of Sevgili Yapı
construction firm, at the Büyük Kulüp in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

However, as the happy couple greeted the 250 guests, the gold
given as gifts was collected in a case and turned over to two
sequestration officials, a gold expert and two lawyers from the
debt-collecting firm.

Image result for düğünün ortasında takılara haciz geldi
Extra-marital financial affairs handled with discretion.

It turned out that bridgroom Niya had purchased a 600,000 euro
triplex apartment in Konacık, Bodrum, last April from Peynirada
Construction, which is owned by Alptekin Kızılok, and gave a
200,000 TL (about 80,000 USD) down payment.  Niya then wrote
eight checks totalling 219,000 TL on the account of his firm, Mor
More Taşıt Kiralama Şirketi, for a portion of the remaining debt.

The lawyers for Kızılok's firm, determined to collect the outstanding
amount, showed up at Niya's wedding and whispered in the ear of
one of Niya's relatives about the situation. The lawyers were ushered
into a private room to avoid making a scene at the wedding. When
the gold was brought in its value amounted to only 2,000 TL but
it was seized nonetheless.

Engin Kart, one of the lawyers, explained that "we took some of
the gold but we're sorry we had to do this." Niya still owes about
580,000 TL. He met Mehtap Sevgili three months ago and proposed
to her last month.
Image result for kadıköy istanbul haritası
            Kadıköy district of Istanbul

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