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Human-Critter Edition: Parrot Jailed, Kid Abandoned

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 August 2015)

Papağan'ı gözaltına aldılar
Hariyal works on his chain as unsympathetic neighbor looks on.

An 85 year-old woman living in Rajura, India, has had a
parrot "taken into custody" for verbal abuse. Sureş Sakharkar's
step-mother Janabai claims that she has been subjected to taunts
from the parrot each time she passes the home of Sureş, the
owner of the parrot, whose name is Hariyal.

Janabai claims that Hariyal hurls curses at her as she passes
Sureş's home because of a property dispute between her and
her step-son. Janabai asserted that Sureş had trained Hariyal
to curse at her and complained to the police that this has been
going on for two years.

As a result of Janabai's complaint, police summoned her,
Sureş and Hariyal to the police station. When Hariyal was
interrogated, though, it did not curse while in the presence
of the police.

Location of Maharashtra (marked in red) in India
Rajura is located in the far east of Maharashtra state.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 21 August 2015)

Vicdansız villanın talihsiz keçisi
Please put this one in the 'non-disposable toy' category. 

At the famous Angora Evleri in Ankara, where the capital's
rich and famous live, a villa owner abandoned a kid goat
to a construction site where street dogs attacked it. Citizens
alerted the Animal Protection Association and the kid was

Association President Zekiye Taş Köklü explained "Little
Prince"'s harrowing story this way: "the villa owner got the
kid as a reward for his son's good report card. After a while
the kid developed scabs, but instead of taking the animal to
the vet the owner abandoned it in a construction site. Anyone
who is not committed to taking care of a pet for life should
not take one into his life. If we hadn't been contacted the
the animal would have died."

Map of Ankara
Angora Evleri villas are in the western sector of Ankara city.

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