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Cycle Edition: Mongolian Coincidence, Biker Granddad

//ed. note: original Turkish article unavailable in digital form.//

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 August 2015)

Fancy meeting you here...on the border of Mongolia!

They both left Istanbul two months apart and followed
different routes but somehow bicyclist Volkan Ermiş
and motorcycle rider Serkan Söğüt ran into one another
on the Mongolian border. After the two adventurers took
a memento photo (above), they agreed to meet again in
the Mongolian city of Ölgii.

They have both returned to their own planned routes.
Serkan Söğüt says his goal is to reach Japan, whereas
Volkan Ermiş noted that he does not like to disclose his

      Ölgii is Mongolia's westernmost province. 

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 August 2015)

Asker torunu için bin 100 km pedal çevirdi
Distance no obstacle for biking granddad. Mecca next! 

Saadettin Sevin is doing his military service in Ordu's
Ünye district. His grandfather Nureddin Gönülal wanted
to see Saadettin so he rode a bicycle 1,054 kilometers from
Ödemiş district of Izmir province all the way to Ünye.

Once Gönülal reached his grandson, serving as a Gendarmerie
troop at the Ünye Prison, they were both quite happy.  The
elderly man said that when his grandson was in training in
Çanakkale he rode his bike to see him there, too. Gönülal
explained that "my friends said that 'Çanakkale is close but
Ordu is far, you'll never make it.'  Nevertheless, I've reached
my grandson and I'm very happy."

Gönülal said that his next goal is to ride his bicycle to Mecca,
Saudi Arabia.

Image result for izmir ordu haritası
            From Ödemiş to Ünye.

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