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Can't Fool Mom. Masked Killer Her Own Son!

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 August 2015)

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Unmasked! Just a mama's boy, after all...

In Bahçelievler, Istanbul, Mustafa Ersen Çölkesen slit his
mother's throat when she refused to give him money. The
incident occurred on Monday morning on Ferhat Street in
Bahçelievler's Soğanlı neighborhood.

Çolkesen, who works as a radiologist at a private hospital,
asked his mother Gülizar Çölkesen (70) for money a day
earlier. After she told him she had none, the next morning he
showed up at her door wearing a mask (!) and rang the bell.
When Gülizar opened the door her son stabbed her in the heart.
Badly wounded, Gülizar made for the bedroom but Mustafa
caught up with her, stabbed her multiple times and cut her

Mustafa then grabbed his mother's pocket book with 10,000
TL (about 3,000 USD) and fled. Police investigating the
incident noted that there had been no forced entry so they
began to question her son Mustafa. After providing conflicting
answers, Mustafa finally confessed to the crime.

Street surveillance cameras on Gülizar's street captured images
of Mustafa putting the mask on, second by second. In his
statement to police, Mustafa explained that "I wanted money
but she wouldn't give me any. I got really upset. In spite of
the mask she recognized me (!!). Then I killed her."

Mustafa was brought to court, arraigned and sent to jail.

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       Bahçelievler district, Istanbul

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