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Giving New Meaning to "Gotta Catch My Plane!"

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 14 August 2015)

Well, who could wait for the next flight to Batna?

Algerian Chiha Djallal (29) threw Atatürk Airport in
Istanbul into chaos when he chased after the plane he
had just missed boarding.  Djallal had fallen asleep
while waiting for the flight to Batna, Algeria, and did
not hear the boarding announcement.

When he awoke and saw the waiting area was empty
he panicked and ran toward the boarding ramp door,
only to find it locked. Undaunted, Djallal grabbed an
object, broke through the door and found his way on
to the runway apron.

By this time, Turkish Airlines flight TK-1405 for
Algeria had left the gate and was taxiing toward the
runway. As Djallal ran after the plane he was intercepted
by security officials and handed over to the airport police.

In his statement, Djallal explained that "my family is
waiting for me in Algeria. I jumped on to the apron because
I have to get there."  Djallal promised to pay for any damage
he caused and asked officials for help in getting to his
homeland as soon as possible.

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