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'Casablanca Boys' Keep Coming to Istanbul

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 November 2015)

//ed. note: for a related story see TNT item from 7 November.//


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                'A' for effort, shit for brains.

At Atatürk Airport in Istanbul an "Inat Team" (sort of like a
dogged, persistent screening team), from the Istanbul police is
performing a risk analysis of all passengers coming from abroad
to prevent the entry of those wanting to join ISIS.

Yesterday the team's suspicions focused on 8 male travelers
from Casablanca, Morocco, who were separated from their
fellow travelers for questioning. The Moroccan youths said that
they had come to Turkey as tourists and they gave police the
name of a hotel in the Taksim Square area where they would
be staying.

Police checked with the hotel and found that none of the 8 had
a reservation there. It was determined that the youths planned
to travel illegally to Germany like refugees. Nasıl Y,, Soufiane H.,
Aissa M., Salahaddin A., Said S., Mouhss'ıne El A., Mustapha M.
and Ayoub S. were taken into custody.

A search conducted on Nasıl Y. revealed a map showing the route
to Germany from Atatürk Airport to Izmir and from there on to
Greece, Serbia and Hungary.  Along with the map there were notes
about the payments and expenses they would incur en route and
vehicles they would be able to use.

The intelligence units has determined that groups like this one
go to Germany and prepare for sensational incidents. Based on
the suspicion that these 8 Moroccans were in an ISIS cell, they
were sent back to Morocco.

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