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Constipation Self-help Remedy Ends Badly

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 October 2015)

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                Ouch! Before and after...

In Istanbul, Ibrahim G.Ö. (54) sought relief after 4 days of
discomfort due to constipation. So he put soap on a mop handle
he found in the bathroom to make it slippery and then sat on it.
However, as İbrahim G.Ö. was sitting down he slipped and the
mop handle entered his rectum.

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Proctologist arrived too late to save İbrahim (can't) G.Ö.

The seriously injured İbrahim G.Ö. was diagnosed with a
'ruptured rectum' at the hospital and, despite all efforts, he died.
In her statement, İbrahim G.Ö.'s wife explained that "his face
was white as a sheet. Thinking that it would help him, he soaped
up a mop handle and then sat on it. He slipped, though, and
because he's overweight he fell on the floor. The mop handle
ruptured his rectum and he died."

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Who needs a conceited proctologist anyway...


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