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Skull-duggery or Just a Forgotten Skull?

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(Posta Newspaper, 26 November 2015)

Çöpte bulunan kafatasının sırrı çözüldü
 Med school training aid...hmmm, a likely story.

The murder squad of the Uşak police investigated all the homes
and apartments on Müjde street in the Ünalan neighborhood the
night before last after cleaners found a skull in a garbage bin.

The police spoke with people in the neighborhood who threw out
garbage and determined that a thorough cleaning effort was
undertaken at an apartment building about 100 meters away from
where the skull was found.

Erkan Kurtalan, one of the building residents who works as a
urologist in a private hospital, told police that years before when
he was a medical student at Marmara University in Istanbul a
friend had given him a skull to use in training. Kurtalan explained
that he had hidden the skull in the apartment's coal storage bin but
then forgot about it (!).

Tuğlu Yaşar told police that while he was cleaning the apartment
building he found the skull among other items. Both Kurtalan and
Yaşar were brought to the Karaağaç police station to give statements.
Meanwhile, the public prosecutor has sent the skull to the police
forensic lab in Istanbul for examination.

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                            Uşak province

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