7 Kasım 2015 Cumartesi

ISIS Wannabees Sent Back to Casablanca

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 November 2015)

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Looking like lame recruits arriving for team tryouts.

45 passengers on board and Air Moroc flight from Casablanca,
Morocco, who arrived at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul were denied
entry into Turkey because it was suspected that they were on their
way to Syria to fight for ISIS.

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Dreams of making the big leagues deferred for the moment.

There was one Syrian among the group and the remaining 44 were
Moroccans.  Another passenger on the flight heard the group
talking and tipped off authorities. Immediately, 20 members of
the group were sent back to Morocco, while 4 of the remaining
25 were allowed to enter Turkey. The other 21 Moroccans will
be expelled to Morocco after their processing is completed.

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