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Mini-Boxers Get Buzz Cuts, 50-hour Bus Ride

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 November 2015)

    More like survival school than boxing camp.

The treatment imposed on 17 athletes in the 13-14 year-old
age group of Turkey's Upper Mini-Boxers National Team, in
the name of discipline, has draw a very negative reaction. The
young sportsmen entered training camp at Kastamonu to prepare
for the Upper Mini-Boxers European Championship held in
Russia's Anapa city.

First of all, the athletes were required to get a 'buzz' haircut,
based on the decision of coach Mustafa Ural. Some of the youngsters
who cried and pleaded not to have their hair cut were forceably held
in the barber's chair.  The mini sportsmen even had to pay 5 TL for
the haircuts.

The trip to the championship at Anapa was torture, as well. The bus
the teenagers traveled on left Ankara and transitted the Black Sea
coast before reaching Batumi. The total time it took to get to Anapa
was 50 hours.

Can't imagine the kids could even lift a glove after this bus trip.

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