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L.A. Confidential Photo Burns Bad Guy

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 November 2015)

Hero L.A. gets down two flights bound to a chair!! 

Syrian refugee L.A. fled the war in Syria and made it to
Izmir, only to become the victim of muggers. Two people
identifying themselves as police kidnapped L.A. and took
him to the second floor of a house in the Alsancak section.
There, the captors bound L.A.'s hands and feet to a chair
and tortured him with an electroshock device until he gave
them the 3,000 USD he had saved to go to Europe.

The muggers left L.A. tied to the chair and fled. L.A. screamed
for help but to no avail. (Somehow!) L.A. managed to descend
two flights of stairs to the front of the building while bound to
the chair. Citizens untied L.A. and the police took him to the
police station to make a statement.

Police were then able to determine that the kidnappers were
two Syrians - L.Y. and M.İ.  After a search in the Basmane
section of Izmir, L.Y. was picked up but he denied any part
in the affair. However, there was a picture of L.A. tied to the
chair on L.Y.'s cellphone.

L.Y. was incarcerated and M.İ remains at large.

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