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Purple Haze All Through His Brain

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 November 2015)

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Lately things don't seem the same for Dr. Karavelioğlu.

Female students at Istanbul University have pasted photos
of academician Dr. Murat Ali Karavelioğlu of the Turkish
Language and Literature Department on the walls of the faculty
after accusing Karavelioğlu of sexual harassment. Yesterday
students gathered in front of Karavelioğlu's office and spilled
purple paint on the door, writing 'Harasser Here!'

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Purple rain on 'Prince' Karavelioğlu's front door.

Ayşe Barcın, one of the students, asserted that "there have
been about twenty petitions concerning the academician
harassing students, who have suffered verbal, physical and
internet-based harassment from him. The dean of the faculty
explained away the situation by saying 'if they didn't shake
their asses, he wouldn't have done these things.' (!)  Later,
after discussions, the dean said that 'we've had his Facebook
page shut down. He won't do anything to anyone anymore.'"

As for Dr. Karavelioğlu, he told Hürriyet that "it's a lynch
campaign. Just a lynch campaign against me personally and
the faculty administration. There's a political angle, as well.
The necessary legal action has been started."

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Security guards felt the students' wrath previously.

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