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Love (Almost) Makes a Detour to ISIS-istan

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 November 2015)

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Shiite Kemal D. would have fit right in with these guys.

Lebanese university student Kamal D. got to know a girl in
Germany over the internet over the course of two years and
the couple decided to marry.  So Kamal D. decided to go to
Germany from Lebanon by illegal means, via Turkey.

Kamal D. contacted a human trafficking network and was told
to come to Istanbul.  He stayed there for two nights in a hotel
and called people he thought would take him to Greece. Instead
Kamal D. was put on a bus to Adana, where he was met by an
individual who put him into a hotel there.

Kamal D. gave his contact his passport and cellphone but soon
became suspicious, asking his keepers "what are we doing here?
Shouldn't we go to Bodrum?"  Nevertheless, Kamal D. followed
instructions at the hotel in Adana and was told after a couple of
days that he would be going to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Hearing this, Kamal D. asked for his passport and cellphone,
said he was going to Germany and that as a Shiite he had no
intention of fighting for ISIS.  Kamal D. took a beating for
saying such things and 8,000 USD was stolen from him. Then
he was put into a van with 5 others and taken to the Syrian
border via Gaziantep.

By a lucky chance, Turkish authorities stopped the van for a
check and all aboard were taken into custody. When he was
brought before a judge, Kamal D. explained his situation.
(Incredibly) the judge ordered that the 5 ISIS members be
jailed but that Kamal D. should be released and sent back to

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