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Skull's Dental Work Leads Police to Killers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 November 2015)

cinayet, kayseri
 Good thing he had his teeth attended to...right?

About 8 months ago a skull and some bone parts were found
on a river bed in Tavlusun quarter of Melikgazi district, Kayseri.
The autopsy report stated that the skull belonged to a middle aged
male and that buckshot was found embedded in the skull.

Police began an investigation and found that the victim had
undergone dental treatment. As the investigation proceeded
efforts began to match individuals on the missing persons list
with hospitals and clinics that perform dental work.

About 1,000 persons were investigated and it was determined
that İlhami Temizer (43) had been reported missing by his
family 8 months ago and that Temizer's jaw and the jaw of
the skull upon which the dental work has been performed resembled
each other.  After the family provided DNA samples to the police
it became certain that the skull belonged to Temizer.

Police then began to look for Temizer's killers and took two women,
S.Ş. and G.Ö., into custody, along with M.A.K, M.Y. and H.H.S.,
after raids in Kayseri and Sivas.  Suspects M.A.K. and M.Y. were
brought before the court on murder charges and arrested.

The body that was separated from Temizer's head has not been

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                          Kayseri province

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