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Chilean Daddy-Daughter Thieves Tour Turkey

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 31 October 2015)
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No one left to rob in Chile? 13,000 kilometers away...

Last Tuesday in Muğla  the hand bag of Russian businessman
Aleksandr Kaminski, worth 1,000 USD, wıth a bounty of foreign
exchange inside it, was stolen at the restaurant of the 5-star hotel
where he has been staying.

When there were four additional incidents of robbery at the
hotel, the hotel staff informed the police, who put together a
10-person team to work on the thefts. Video from the 60
cameras at the luxury hotel was reviewed and it was determined
that the thieves were Chilean L.O.M.A (72) and his daughter
F.M.F.M. (41), who had arrived at the hotel one day apart.

The father and daughter were taken into custody on Tuesday
night and their suitcases, along with the car they rented from
Antalya, were taken to the police station.  During the ensuing
search, businessman Kaminski's hand bag was recovered, minus
the foreign exchange.  Additionally, two scissors, two screwdrivers,
a knife, two flashlights, two bottles of glue, two rolls of electrical
tape, four cellphones and 2.5 grams of marajuana were seized.

The suspects were arrested. It was learned that before coming to
Muğla, the pair had stayed in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

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                        Muğla province

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