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Life Imitates Art, Girls Do Daily 10K

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 November 2015)

Star of the show in Çanakkale.

The day before yesterday at the Çanakkale State Hospital the boy
baby of a newborn boy-girl set of twins was stolen. Allegedly,
the infant was taken by a woman wearing a white hospital outfit,
who said she was taking the child for a hearing test.

The woman then left the hospital with the baby, accompanied by
another woman, and disappeared. Police quickly sealed the city's
entry-exit points and, thanks to a tip, the child was recovered and
returned to parents Fatma and Orhan B.  Officials made no
announcement about how the baby was recovered.

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Stars of the 'dizi' (soap opera) with essentially the same plot.

However, it has been learned that a woman named S.Y. took the
baby from the hospital, along with her mother Z.Y. They then
turned the infant over to a woman named A.Ç., who hired them
to steal the baby in the first place.  A.Ç., who had a miscarriage
and other health problems, took the baby to the Esenler neighborhood
health unit, where she was apprehended when workers there tipped
off the police

S.Y., who stole the baby, had gone to the hospital the day before
to scout the premises  A.Ç. had suffered her miscarriage at the same
hospital. All three women were taken to jail.

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            Çanakkale province

türkçe links to related, longer Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 November 2015)

 Okul yolu çile dolu
A character-building experience...for commandos, not kids.

Four girl students who live in the mountain pasture near Güney
hamlet in Aydın's Bozdoğan district, walk five kilometers in the
morning and five kilometers in the evening to get to and from school.
Once the girls reach Güney the girls take a bus to their school in
Yenipazar district's Karacaören hamlet.

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              Girl-power in spades.

Although the girls' parents are waiting for the road to the pasture to
be paved, National Education officials say the road the girls follow
from the pasture would not be included in the school transportation
plan anyway.

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Bozdoğan district is in SE Aydın province.

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