29 Kasım 2015 Pazar

Duel Challenger Gets the Worst of It

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 November 2015)

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           Be careful what you wish for...

There were some interesting scenes from a dispute between two
drivers at the Mahmutbey toll booths in Istanbul.  The dispute
arose between the driver of a city bus (Ralf Kramdenoğlu) and
the driver of a private car over who would yield right of way.

As the argument heated up, the driver of the car, which had no
license plate (!), began to beat on the door of the bus, demanding
that the bus driver get out and fight him. Passengers on the bus
tried to calm the car driver but he entered the bus and attacked
the bus driver.

However, the bus driver then soundly pounded the car driver with
his fists, forcing the passengers to come to the car driver's rescue.
After the two were separated and the car driver returned to his car,
a passenger asked him teasingly "you got a beating. Are you glad?"
In response the car driver said "yes, I'm glad." The fight was
captured on video by one of the passengers.

Map of mahmutbey gişeleri haritası
   'Mahmutbey Gişeleri' - scene of the incident.

Image result for ikitelli istanbul haritası
        İkitelli section of Istanbul.

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