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Heaven-sent Meteorites Tax Exempt

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 November 2015)

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God's gift to Sarıçiçek village. Even NASA wants them.

The financial police are on the trail of the meteorites that
fell in Sarçiçek village of Bingöl province on 2 September.
Bingöl provincial finance police announced that the meteorites
are subject to tax, which has the villagers up in arms since
they've been selling them to foreigners like NASA for good money.

Ridvan Ergün of Sarıçiçek village asserted that the meteorites
are not earthly treasures since they came from outer space.
Ergün added that "the financial police came and said the stones
belong to the state. But we didn't take them out of the ground,
they were sent from the sky by God. As far as we know, there
shouldn't be any tax on them. I have a 40-gram meteorite . Then,
after earning 21,000 TL (about 7,000 USD) from them we hear
that there's a tax."

Finance Minister Mehmet Çicek in Ankara seems to have settled
the matter by conducting a Twitter-based poll. 75% of the respondants
said that the meteorites should not be taxed and Çiçek says he'll abide
by the poll results.

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                Bingöl province

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