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Sisters Edition: 2 at Odds, 8 is Enough

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 November 2015)

Küs kardeşlerin ezeli rekabeti
          Twisted sisters Sema and Selma.

For the last 10 years the AK Party has been the scene of
competition between two estranged sisters. Selma Kavaf, who
at one time was the Minister for Family Affairs, has been succeeded
by her sister Sema Ramazanoğlu 6 years later.

The two sister have not talked to one another for quite some time.
They both were candidates for the Parliament in the June elections
from separate locales but neither one was selected. In fact, because
of the two sisters' rivalry, Sema's husband Mehmet Ramazanoğlu
left her and was elected as a parliamentarian in 2011.

But this time in the 1 November elections, Sema left both her sister
and husband in the dust and became a cabinet minister. Sema is a
close friend of Turkish President Erdoğan's wife Emine and was one
of the founders of the AK Party. In those early years, because she
covered her head she could not be a parliamentarian and concentrated
on leading the AK Women's Branch.

At that time, Selma, who doesn't cover her head, came to the fore and
became Minister for Family Affair in 2009. When Mehmet Ramazanoğlu
was elected to Parliament in 2011, the two sisters' relations were severed.
In the June elections this year Selma was a candidate from Denizli and
Sema from Istanbul but neither one made the final cut.   In the November
election, though, Sema became not only a parliamentarian, after waiting
13 years, but a minister, as well.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 November 2015)

Image result for erkeğe niyet 8 kıza kısmet
 Mustafa bey, smokeless and  vastly outnumbered.

After their second daughter was born the couple kept saying "God willing,
the next one will be a boy."  So they kept trying but now have 8 daughters.
Having given up on a son, the couple says "this is what God wants. Now
we're just trying to bring them all up and educate them."

Fatma (36) and Mustafa (41) Cinkaya live in Doğancı village in
Trabzon's Şalpazarı district and have been married for 17 years. They
earn their living by farming. Their youngest daughter Gamze is 11
months and the oldest Aysel is 16 years. The others are Gönül 4,
Kübra 8, Fatma 10, Cansu 12, Ayfer 13 and Aysun 15. The couple
is determined to raise their girls and Mustafa has even given up his
25-year smoking habit to save money.

Şalpazarı district is in extreme western Trabzon province.

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