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Death by Elevator Music? One Wonders...

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 November 2015)

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Chief murder suspect identified by the moniker 'Muzak'. 

In Konak district of Izmir, the decayed body of a man was
discovered in a municipal parking lot elevator that has not
been used for about 10 years.  The body was really nothing
more than a skeleton but in the pockets of the deceased's
clothes a bounty of 100,000 TL bank notes was found.
The bank notes equate to about 10 kuruş (about 3 cents)
these days.

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Police rendering of the deceased's last moments.

Yesterday afternoon, workers painting the multi-story Izmir
municipal parking lot on Alsancak 1275 Street found the body
- with one foot missing - in the elevator, which has been out of
service for 10 years.  Investigators discerned that the body had
rested in the elevator cabin for years. DNA samples will be
used to try to identify the deceased by comparison with the
missing persons list.

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Konak district is in downtown Izmir.

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