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There's Gold (Teeth) in Them There Graves

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 November 2015)

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    Ahmet, back from the grave. 

In Bağcılar district, Istanbul, there was a tragicomical incident
that leaves one dumbfounded. A 16 year-old Syrian youth named
Ahmet dug a hole beneath a grave with the intention of stealing
gold teeth.

However, the hole collapsed and Ahmet was trapped inside the
two-level grave. At this time, the graveyard watchman found a
shirt next to the grave. As he approached the grave he heard a
voice from within say "Allahuekber" (God is great), prompting
him to flee from fright (!).

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              Well, can you blame him?

The watchman notified the police who came and were amazed
by what they saw. The policemen realized that the person inside
the grave was a foreigner and they tried to persuade him to come
out.  Not knowing Turkish, Ahmet stayed in the tomb and police
resorted to using pepper spray to coax him out.

Nevertheless, Ahmet still remained inside the grave so the police
called firefighters, who dug a trench around the grave and succeeded
in bringing Ahmet to the surface.  The language barrier persisted,
though, and some claimed that Ahmet was in the graveyard to die,
having lost all hope after fleeing to Istanbul and missing his
family back in Syria.

Because he chose to enter a old, two-level grave, however, the
likelihood that he was after gold teeth gained more currency.

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       Bağcılar district, Istanbul

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