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A 'Do You Know Who I Am?!' Event

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 December 2015)

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       Well, NOW we know who she is... :)

Burcu Hattat, the daughter-in-law of the chairman of Hattat
Holding, Mehmet Hattat, and the wife of İbrahim Hattat, blocked
traffic with her car in front of a clinic in Levent, Istanbul, on 18
May 2010.  At this time, a veterinarian named Hasan Bulut came
alongside Burcu hanım and insulted her by saying "are you a
human being? You're an animal, a whore, dishonorable!"

Based on Bulut's insults, Burcu hanım filed a complaint against
him, asking for 20,000 TL in compensation.  In court, Bulut
claimed that it was he who bore the insults.  "When she blocked
the road I asked her to pull off to the side.  She started to scream
'who are you?!' and when she called me dishonorable and a pimp,
I had to say in response 'if I'm a pimp, then you're a whore.'"

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Vet Bulut. If he didn't know her before, he certainly does now :(

Bulut added that Burcu hanım had also threatened him when she
said "You'll rue this day. Do you know who I am?!"  Later in
the day, Burcu hanim's older brother Hakan Kılıç and two friends
went to Bulut's workplace and beat him up.

The court ruled that Bulut was guilty of insulting Burcu hanım
and he was ordered to pay her 4,000 TL as compensation.  In
the case of assault and battery against Kılıç and his two friends,
they were sentenced to 1 year and 10 months in prison.  Burcu
hanım was acquitted. (!)

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            Levent area of Istanbul.


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