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Suicide Edition: Cold Feet, Twin Bridges

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 December 2015)

İntihara çıktı, üşüyünce vazgeçti
They said it couldn't be done: 'cold feet' - literally and figuratively!

In Bursa's Yıldırım district, Öztürk K. became angry when his truck
was impounded, so he climbed up on an electrical pole and threatened
suicide.  As firefighters arrived at the scene and set up an air mattress
at the base of the pole, power to the pole was cut.

Öztürk K. warned police "don't come close. I'll cut myself!"  He resisted
all pleas for an hour but then he said he felt cold.  Ultimately, Öztürk K.
couldn't bear it and confessed "my feet are cold. Get me down from here."
With the help of police Öztürk K. came down from the pole.

               Yıldırım district is within Bursa city.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 December 2015)

Image result for bosphorus strait
               Timing is everything...

Yesterday in the Bosphorus there were two suicides from two bridges
within 5 minutes of each other.  At 1300, Hakan Kaya (46), the father of
one child, stopped his jeep on the Bosphorus bridge and leaped over the
railing into the water.

Five minutes later, Hasan Pakırbilek (35) jumped off the Fatih Sultan
Mehmet bridge further up the strait.   Businessman Hakan Kaya's body
was found at Ortaköy but the body of Hasan Pakırbilek has yet to be

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