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'The ISIS Man' Lures Ladies of Sivas?

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 December 2015)

Anne ile 3 kızı kayıp, şüpheli IŞİD
       Melek Can and İremnur: Rakka brides?

In Sivas, Melek Can (46) and her three daughters - Saniye Yurt
(30), Sibel Karaoğlan (22 and İremnur Yurt (12) disappeared 5
days ago.  Melek Can, who was living with her son Serkan Yurt
and his wife Aysel in the Fatih neighborhood of Sivas city, has
not been heard from since 1 December.

A co-worker of Saniye Yurt, who works as a diswasher in a
restaurant, named Yasemin came to the Yurt's house on the
night of 1 December with a man whom Yasemin identified as
her older brother 'Salih'.  It was after this visit that Melek Can
and her three daughters disappeared.

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Brad bin Pitt and George bin Clooney: Irresistible!

When the women failed to return, Aysel Yurt called her husband,
who was working in Balıkesir, in western Turkey.  All efforts
to contact the women failed so a missing persons notice was filed
with the police.

Sibel Karaoğlan and Saniye Yurt: Rakka brides too?

Serkan Yurt explained that "my wife called me and told me that
my mother and sisters had left the house with someone and had
not returned.  I came back to Sivas right away.  I'm worried that
they might have gone to ISIS and I'm afraid they're in danger."

Serkan Yurt said that he tried to find out who it was who came
to the house on 1 December but was unsuccessful.  Police are now
looking into the women's disappearance.

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Sivas, circled in red. Rakka is south of Talabyad in Syria.

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