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Betting Czar Kidnapped, Freed, Arrested

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 30 December 2015)

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Whatever happened to the code of silence?...

Businessman Ahmet M. was kidnapped in Istanbul, held for a
2 million TL (about 750,000 USD) ransom and released for
310,000 TL.  Police subsequently looked into the matter and
found that Ahmet M. was the Turkey representative for an
international betting and gambling ring that works via the

Ahmet M. had (for some reason!) told the police about the
kidnapping episode, even though he was able to buy his freedom.
Police then took Eyyüp K. (39) and Murat T. (29) into custody
because they had taken receipt of the 310,000 TL ransom.  This
led police to find out about the betting gang's Turkey operation
and the fact that Ahmet M. is the Germany-based gang's
Turkey representative.

Police then took Ahmet M., his nephew Tarık M. and the
gang's Germany representative Deniz E. into custody.  Games
bet on in Turkey net the gang 20 million TL per week. Ahmet
M., Tarık M. and Deniz E. were turned over to the Cyber
Crimes Unit.  It was determined that Eyyüp K. and Murat T.
were Ahmet M.'s underlings.

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Betting gang worked Turkey from Germany.

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