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Wolfman's Last Howl; Antalya-to-Natalya

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 December 2015

Atatürk Havalimanı'nda yakalanan organ kaçakçısı Boris Volfman tutuklandı
Arrested in daylight to avoid the whole 'full moon' thing. 

Istanbul police have struck a blow against international organ
trafficking.  An Israeli citizen of Russian extraction named
Boris Wolfman (! - as the TNT subheading says, 'I'm not making 
this up') wanted by Interpol for 'organ trafficking' and 'fraud' was
captured yesterday.

Wolfman arrived at Atatürk Airport on a flight from Thailand and
was booked at the Bakırköy police station and jailed for 40 days.
Police are looking for Wolfman's contacts in Istanbul.  If there is
a request for extradition within the 40-day period, Wolfman will
be sent to Israel. If no request is forthcoming, he will be set free.

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Famous father dismayed by son's unpleasant activities.


türkçe Links to original Turkish article.

(Korkusuz Newspaper, 5 December 2015)


In the aftermath of Turkey's downing of a Russian plane, the
economy has been most affected by the crisis.  In Russia,
establishments that might remind people of Turkey are changing
their appearance to get through the crisis with minimal damage.

For example, in St. Petersburg an Azerbaijani businessman
changed his 'Cafe Antalya' to 'Cafe Natalya'.  Vitali Cevadov
explained that he and his family had gone to Antalya on vacation
in the summer and liked it.  Then, in October when he opened
his cafe in St. Petersburg he named it 'Cafe Antalya'.

Cevadov related that when the plane was shot down he decided
to change the name.  He said that no one told him to change it
but "with my own hands I changed the places of the 'A' and
the 'N' in the sign."

From: Antalya To: St Petersburg, Russia

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