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Ever Wonder Where 'Dizi' Scenarios Come From?

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 26 December 2015)

//ed. note: 'dizi' is the Turkish word used to refer to TV soap 

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Dr. V-Eight and blackmailing daughter Serra Tarhan.

Sentences have been issued in the blackmail case stemming from
accusations made by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Adnan Saraçoğlu, who is
famous for his vegetal treatments, about his daughter, former
son-in-law and grandson.

The matter began on 14 March 2015 when daughter Serra Tarhan
(45) called her father on the phone of his advisor Mahmut Sipahioğlu
and said "I have some demands.  We are facing each other now not
as father-daughter but as rivals. I'm giving you two days, otherwise
your life will be ruined."

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Asiye's a conniving witch, only equaled by Parveen!

Around the same time, Tarhan's son Sarp Bakış (24) related his
mother's demands to Sipahioğlu, as well.  Subsequently, Saraçoğlu
spoke with his grandson and his former son-in-law Burak Bakış, who
wanted real estate and money from Saraçoğlu.

At this point, Saraçoğlu filed a complaint against his daughter, former
son-in-law and grandson with the Anatolian Public Prosecutor, who
then alerted the police.  Next, Saraçoğlu's advisor Sipahioğlu met with
Tarhan and Sarp Bakış, handing over 10,000 TL to them in marked bills.
Once Tarhan accepted the money police took her and her son into custody.

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Bahar can't get out from under all the intrigues!

In court, Saraçoğlu asserted that he had provided his daughter and her
son with all kinds of material support.  He added that he thought there
was no problem between them but noted that Tarhan had said to him
that "she would reveal that she runs a restaurant where whisky is sold
and that my diploma is fake."

For her part, Tarhan rejected the charges and claimed that she had
entered the fray because she was caught between her ex-husband
Burak Bakış, her son, and her grandparents.  Unmoved, the judge
sentenced Tarhan to 1 year in prison and a fine equal to 30 days in
jail for the crime of  'blackmail'. The judge's leniency reduced her
penalty to 10 months in jail and a fine of 500 TL.

Former son-in-law Burak Bakış and grandson Sarp Bakış were both
sentenced to 1 year prison terms and fines of 240 TL. All the
penalities were postponed for five years, pending good behavior (!).

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Gülrü and Gülfem battle for Ömer's affections!


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