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Women's Rights Victory! Tinted Glass OK

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 December 2015)

   Blackened windows, to keep the creeps at bay.

Demet Derya Doğan, who works at a private company, was stopped
for a routine traffic check on Bağdat Avenue in Istanbul in July.
Because of the black tinted film on Doğan's car's windows, she was
fined 198 TL (around  65 USD) by traffic police.

Doğan paid the fine but filed an objection, asserting that there was
no prohibition against such window film in the law. Doğan pointed
out that over the past 10 years, sexual harassment against women has
increased ten-fold in Turkey and that the film was used to ward off
such harassment.

The court found in favor of Doğan and canceled the fine. Noting that
the law prohibits things that would obstruct a driver's view, the court
identified smoke and noise among such obstacles.  In the court's
decision, it was stated that the window film that Doğan had used was
not among the prohibited items.

Women's rights defender Hülya Gülbahar stated that Doğan's objection
was entirely justified.  Gülbahar added that "I believe that women must
be given permission to take precautions like this.  Innovative solutions
like window film are necessary so that women are not subjected to

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Bağdat Avenue is the main drag in TNT's home district of Kadıköy.

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